Live events

Virtual Events

WE STREAM live events to hundreds of thousands of people every year. We’re proud to create events which are educational, informative and inspiring – and we’re also proud of the feedback we get from our clients, who love the seamless and professional way we work. 


Social media platforms are an incredibly effective way to reach your audience, and make a wonderful home for live events. Facebook in particular produces fantastic audience numbers and engagement if your event is well marketed and well run.

Mole’s virtual events team have run many hundreds of live events on Facebook and LinkedIn. We like to think we’re one of the very best in this space. From expert marketing to all the little touches that make your event professional and engaging, we’ve got you covered. Our events get great audiences and maintain excellent viewer numbers throughout. From the moment the countdown timer starts until the end of the final thank you screen, your event will be slick, on-brand and well managed. Come and chat to the experts!


Conference management
Live broadcasts


With so many webinar platforms to choose from, where do you start? We’ve worked with nearly all the major platforms and know the pros and cons of each. We also know how to run a smooth and professional broadcast, whether you’re working with GoToWebinar, On24, Zoom, Teams or something a little different. Regardless of the platform, we’ll facilitate the tech to make your event a success, supporting your speakers, creating branded assets to level up the user exerperience, and supporting the Q&A process to take the pressure off your team. Our award-winning event marketing will help you reach your audience, and the stats after the event will show you what they thought. 


not all lives fit into a platform or a package! We often take our expertise on the road, live streaming events and conferences. Whether that’s a custom-built virtual conference platform or a multi-site “hub and spoke” event, you need a calm and experienced technical team to make it happen. We’ve supported many virtual conferences end-to-end, and have provided hub-and-spoken events from multiple venues both in the UK and abroad. We like to think that we’re a very safe pair of hands when that really, really matters. 

End to end delivery


Whatever the event and platform, we like to think we’re always the gold standard. From the moment you commission us, we’re all over the detail. If your presenters won’t be on site, we run technical checks and provide any equipment they need to make sure that their connection and set up is stable and secure. We manage rehearsals and create back-up recordings ready to use if anything goes wrong on the day. Our branding is second to none – no Zoom windows or dodgy Teams screens here. Super-fast connections, the best custom-built tech, live vision mixing, a dedicated team to filter and manage questions … we’ve got it all covered. 

Through our recent series of webinars you have enabled us to present ourselves to our clinicians in such a professional way, it has changed the way we work forever.

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