WE ELEVATE your online learning with our in-house e-learning experts.

Our team love creating dynamic, interactive educational materials. From e-learning modules to slide decks and educational packs, we combine academic rigour, medical writing prowess, e-learning expertise and instructional design to support you all the way.


We’re proud of the educational work we have provided in e-learning for more than 15 years. We developed the first e-learning courses in the wound care field and have been creating new, compelling and effective learning contents ever since. Our team combine academic grounding (Director Nicola has an MSc in E-learning) with Medical Writing, years of experience in what works and a focus on creative instructional design. From content planning and writing, thorugh the design and interactive functionality and on to the finished SCORM module, we make sure that your modules will inspire and educate your participants. Our web team also support the development of customer LMS (Learning Management System) platforms – our in-house platform was specifically designed with medical education in mind and supports the NMC Revalidation format with built-in reflection. 

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Educational materials

The same skills that we use to create our e-learning modules are support the creation of all manner of other educational materials:  e-books, whitepapers, infographics, instructional videos, flyers, interactive documents, websites, factsheets and more. Our team collaborates closely with subject matter specialists to create content that is accurate, comprehensive and relevant to the target audience. We use engaging visuals, clear explanations and interactive exercises to make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience. Whether you’d like us to create the whole project or just work on an element, we can work seamlessly with your team to produce educational contents you’ll be really proud of. 


Presentation creation

Presentation creation is an integral part of delivering effective and engaging online learning experiences. We leverage cutting-edge technology and instructional design expertise to craft visually captivating and interactive presentations. Through a seamless blend of multimedia elements, we ensure that the content is both informative and compelling. Our team collaborates closely with subject matter experts to curate content that aligns with learning objectives and addresses the audience’s needs. We tailor to different learning styles for an immersive and personalised learning journey. By creating dynamic, user-friendly presentations, our clients can deliver impactful e-learning experiences that drive knowledge and skill development effectively.

Live broadcasts
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These live sessions provide a valuable platform for engaging with learners in real-time, facilitating direct interaction between instructors and participants. Through webinars, we offer engaging presentations, interactive discussion and Q&A sessions, to create a collaborative and personalised learning environment. By utilising webinar platforms with advanced features, we ensure seamless delivery and effortless access for attendees across different devices and locations. Webinars enable you to provide valuable knowledge transfer, skill-building opportunities and thought leadership, empowering learners to stay ahead in their field and achieve their learning objectives effectively.

Medical writing

Our skilled medical writers collaborate closely with subject matter experts, researchers and healthcare professionals to craft authoritative, evidence-based content. From scientific articles to patient education materials, e-learning to poster presentations, we adhere to rigorous standards and guidelines to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our work. Our medical writing services also extend to creating engaging healthcare marketing content, including blog posts, social media campaigns and website copy that resonate with both medical professionals and patients.


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We have been delighted by the quality and range of content that the team has created and the level of engagement from a truly global audience. not only accessible and appropriate but also to get maximum audience engagement.

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