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WE CONNECT you and your audience with our seamless event management.

Whatever your format, location, size or specifications, we will deliver your event flawlessly and effectively. Face-to-face, virtual or hybrid – it’s all in our world.


Mole has been working on live-streamed events since streaming was first available. We think our first live-streamed event was probably in around 2002 (before some of our team were even born!). These days, we run around 100 live-streamed events a year, on a range of platforms depending on the style and audience. 

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Face-to-face events play to almost every one of the skills we have in our team. We’re a single point of contact for your marketing, design, activities, logistics, AV, on-site management. Our clients tell us that they feel incredibly safe when they work with us on events – they just know it’s all going to run like clockwork and that they will have happy delegates at the end of the day. 

Whether you’re looking for a one-hour workshop or a multi-day foreign sales conference, read more about how we can make it your best ever.


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Your creativity and ideas on how we bought our theme alive, your ideas for fun, your knowledge, your contacts and your huge experience have made this week a really memorable week for all of us, so a genuine thank you from every single one of us for being such a joy to work with.

Sales Director, UK Healthcare Company
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