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Mole has been specialising in the healthcare since 1999. Around 90% of our time is spent supporting hehalthcare clients: industry, the NHS, charities, patient organisations, individual clinics and clinicians. We believe strongly in the power of digital to support clinicians and companies and organisaitons in delivering better outcomes for patients, and we are proud of the work we do to help this. 



WE THRIVE in the medical field due to the expertise and experience of our team.

After nearly 25 years supporting clinicians and organisations, we understand the unique challenges of the clinical environment. Our expertise includes marketing, education, video production, e-learning development, medical writing, and medical comms strategy. 

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Medical fields and work

WE INTEGRATE seamlessly with our clients into a range of medical fields.

Our particular specialist areas include wound care and tissue viability, vascular, continence, urology, midwifery, diabetes – and many other areas that we have worked in over the past 25 years.

Our team offer all the skills of a full-service agency to our medical clients.

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I cannot thank you enough for all you undertake which is over and above the call of duty.

Professor Ellie Lindsay OBE, FQNI, Life President - The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation
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