JOBST Ready, Steady, Flow

Finalist: Brand Promotion. Pharmaceutical Marketing Society Digital Awards 2023

The Challenge

The Essity team wanted a brand awareness campaign which would support clinicians with clear education on the NWCS guidelines, simplifying the contents, and at the same time clearly align the correct JOBST product with each stage of treatment (immediate care, treatment, maintenance).

The target audience was specialist and generalist nurses. Campaign KPIs aimed to reach and engage HCPs and to follow this with a lead generation campaign.

The Solution

Social media delivers highly effective awareness campaigns for this group of clinicians. From a sustained partnership with Mole, JOBST already had engaged Facebook and Twitter audiences, making this a strong route. Based on audience insights, we targeted more senior clinicians via Twitter, and generalists via Facebook.

The campaign needed strong messaging and standout visuals to cut through on social media. The slogan and lead graphic went through clinical, brand and digital review at Mole and Essity, plus informal external clinical review.

We staged the campaign from the overall concept and through to more detailed contents. Each phase covered both educational information about the NWCS and aligned product information, with a landing page for further information.

Once the audience had been engaged with the awareness campaign, a lead generation campaign was then rolled out. Messaging and creative was provided by Mole, based on insights from the awareness campaign.

This campaign took a blended approach of education and product promotion to create an awareness campaign which provided genuine education alongside highly effective product marketing. Using the NWCS guidelines to underpin the campaign was a new way for us to show that JOBST products are rooted in best practice, and to help our client to be seen to respond to a changing clinical landscape.

Our Work

The Results

Overall paid and organic messaging reach (awareness campaign):

Website traffic from social campaign

CPL below predicted costs

Resource packs sent out


Engagement rate (awareness campaign) - organic


Engagement rate (awareness campaign) - paid: