FlaminalTM Simpler Times

Silver winner: HCP Education. Pharmaceutical Marketing Society Digital Awards 2023

The Challenge

Flen Health required a ‘hero’ campaign for Flaminal™ to run throughout 2022, centred on the TIMES wound healing paradigm, linking clinical education, product information and evidence.

The aims were:

  • To promote the use of Flaminal™ as the ‘go to’ product for acute and chronic wounds – suitable at each stage of TIMES
  • To share the supporting evidence
  • To provide quality education on wound healing using TIMES.

The campaign needed to support social media presence, lead generation and KOL activities, plus provide tools for presentations and sales activities.

The Solution

Based on analysis of audience activity alongside discussions with clinicians, we centred the campaign around short-bite contents, providing education on TIMES, peer-to-peer learning via KOL videos, and educational giveaways. The target audience was specialist and generalist nurses.

KPIs to be measured were:

  • Overall reach
  • Engagement with each campaign strand
  • Leads/cost per lead

The campaign needed to be catchy and memorable, and sustain interest over a long period. Our audience respond strongly to short-form content, video, peer-led education and educational giveaways. We chose to use three sub-campaigns which would reinforce each other’s messaging:

  • simplerTIMES
  • WithoutCompromise
  • CutTheNoise

Our work


Linking Flaminal™ to each stage of TIMES. Interactive educational document, presentation, series of educational social posts. Printed tools for conferences and sales teams.


The evidence-base for Flaminal™

Cut The Noise

Simplifying education on key areas of wound healing, showing how Flaminal presents a simple, practical solution. 22 short KOL educational videos.

The results

The printed giveaway created so many leads that the campaign was eventually paused to allow the sales team to catch up.

Overall campaign reach (organic)

Overall campaign reach (paid)


SimplerTIMES engagement rate


CutTheNoise engagement rate


CutTheNoise engagement rate (Paid)

Total leads

Cost per lead (£)